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The Shaun Jai Project mission is to continue to provide the community with positive, fun, and family oriented events that are guaranteed to shine a light on issues that are plaguing our community. It is our hopes that our events provide a safe place for our families to come together to celebrate each other, to listen to one another, to heal from depression, to celebrate art and life, to revive our health, and to help women find their voice.

Our Yearly Events

Inspire Awards
Let. Me. Speak!
Artist Showcase & Vendor Boutique
Health & Wellness Revival
We Rock the District
Stop Giving your Shit Away

Our Journey to a Million

Not only will your contribution assist us in producing our yearly events – your contribution will also assist us in raising $1,000,000.00 to build a state of the art “Visual & Performing Arts School in Washington, DC.

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Our Fundraising Efforts

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Thank you for your continual support! It takes a WHOLE community!!!